Hot Mom, a new-born network name, which represents moms or mother-to-be who have gorgeous body figure and unique characteristics. It’s the pursuing focus of every mom nowadays, not only for super star’s privilege. To be more exact,  Hot Mom is a healthy and positive image. 
       Hot Mom was set up in London Britain 10 years ago. It is always specialized in developing every baby pushchair as the prior mission. As one of the most famous fashionable city in the world, London has spawned such great deal of long-history vogue brands. Hot Mom will be one of the most vogue member and always desired with bailment of fashion. 
        Hot Mom always runs with the spirit of “Make the most safe material, Create the most vogue design, Sell the most perfect product”. After numerous times of the cycle of producing and testing, the most classic and charming perfectly stroller  was born. The respective stroller was Homa. Nowadays, Hot Mom has more then 10 kinds of stroller on show and has developed to be a well-known popular stroller brand in European market which is a mature brand combination of the study and production and the sales market. 
       To be a healthy and positive company,  Hot Mom makes every production with sincere heart and core value system of Unparalleled function, Unbeatable safety, Unique style” to care every family and baby.